Business Plan

Profit from the verified transfer of information, in touch and on time, from the customer through our designer and shop to framers in the Okanagan area.  Satisfy the framer with the trusses and knowledge he needs for a first class installation. 

"Verified transfer of information" means we have at-a-glance markers and have A.C.E.D. it (see below).

In Touch and On Time means we have a verified time to build, a verified time to deliver, we have a map, and we are there when we say we will be.

Satisfy the framer” also means verify the trusses are installed the right way and promptly fix anything wrong. 


  • Acquire information from the source : VERIFY using checklist & interviews 

  • Customize it for truss design : VERIFY using checklist 
  • Embed it in wood : VERIFY using quality control program

  • Deploy it to the framer : VERIFY the framer gets data, trusses, and a visit